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his incredible story of bravery. >>> plus, president obama's likely nominee for new fed head. >>> a major dogfighting ring busted. >>> and marking 50 years since this man and his message changed the world. "early today" starts right now. >> announcer: this is "early today" for tuesday, august 27th. >>> very good morning. i'm richard lui. secretary of state john kerry saying the evidence is clear and the amount of human suffering undeniable. >> it defies any code of morality. let me be clear. the indiscriminate slaughter of civilians, the killing of women and children and innocent bystanders by chemical weapons is a moral obscenity. >> the u.n. is getting closer to confirming whether the syrian government used chemical weapons against its own people. nbc's ayman moyheldin is live in cairo for us on this tuesday. we're hearing syria's foreign minister saying the u.n. inspector's second trip to the alleged site has been delayed. there is that and then the question of a timeline on potential military action. what are you hearing? >> reporter: well, that foreign minister press con
and the snub heard around the world. president obama abruptly canceling next month's planned meet with russian president vladimir putin. while it's not a complete return to the cold war, there is a chill in the air between the u.s. and russia. nbc's trace iie potts joins me m washington. the president's snub has many wondering, what happens now? >> reporter: next, betty, we wait to see what russia's response is. we'll have two officials right here in washington tomorrow. we'll monitor that for you. here on capitol hill, democrats and republicans are supporting the president's decision. >> and the first impression they get -- >> reporter: secretary of state john kerry and defense secretary chuck hagel are still set to meet their russian counterparts in washington tomorrow. even though president obama canceled his moscow summit with russian president vladimir putin. >> we were not at the point in our progress on a number of these issues where a summit at the presidential level was the most constructive step. >> reporter: there are disagreements over arms control and human rights but the last str
: this is "early today" for wednesday, august 7th. >>> good morning, everybody, i'm betty ngyun. president obama is speaking about the terror threat. mr. obama called the safety concerns, quote, significant, and this morning many u.s. embassies and consulates remain closed as we learn more about the global threat. tracie potts is live in washington. what is the latest with this threat? what do we know? >> it's the anniversary of being bombed and a lot of times terrorists use anniversaries to strike. it's for that reason, betty, this huge fire this morning caught everyone's attention. there's nothing going in or out of kenya's airport this morning because of this huge fire. no word if it's connected to today's 15th anniversary of deadly bombings at our embassy there and in tanzania. the whole region is on alert. 19 u.s. embassies and consulates remain closed due to a terror threat. on jay leno last night, president obama said it's a reminder. >> violent extremism is still out there. we've got to stay on top of it. >> reporter: the airports evacuated 100 americans in the embassy in yemen based on
criticism on president obama's dealings with russia's president. he abruptly canceled a planned meeting with vladimir putin after asylum was granted to edward snowden. some republicans say it's not enough. danielle leigh joins us from washington. good morning to you. and how would critics like the president to respond here? >> reporter: richard, good morning. critics would like to see the president really strike a balance as he tries to restore the public's trust, but also protect national security. even while vacationing on martha's vineyard, president obama couldn't escape a moment of apparent frustration on the golf course. back in washington, more troubles await the commander in chief. lawmakers are criticizing the president's plan to increase oversight of the nsa surveillance programs exposed by leaker edward snowden. >> he's failed to explain these programs which are lawful, which have saved lives. >> we need to do better in educating our public so they are not fearful that we, the government, are violating their privacy. >> reporter: the former director of the nsa warned added ov
in the abduction of hannah anderson. >>> plus, president obama playing cards the night of the bin laden raid. >>> alfonso soriano collects a month's worth of stats in just two games. >>> and the study on what kind of cars the biggest jerks on the road drive. "early today" starts right now. >> announcer: this is "early today" for thursday, august 15th. >>> good morning. i'm richard lui. new and staggering numbers of dead in egypt. the government now saying at least 525 civilians and 43 security forces have died. this from wednesday's government crackdown on supporters of the deposed president. newspapers at home and around the world all capture the deadly violence on today's front pages. egypt's vice president and international respected diplomat also resigning. leaders are wondering if today will be another day of chaos. ayman is live for us. it's 1:00 p.n. in cairo. how is the government now explaining the staggering numbers we mentioned of casualties? >> good morning, richard. it's mind boggling and not only tharkts it's expected to rise in the coming hours because as we've been reporting,
karins shortly. >>> some republicans are trying to ramp up national support to defund obama care. it's a $500,000 campaign with town halls in at least nine states. melissa mollet is live in washington for us. how real is this effort being undertaken here? >> nice to see you this morning. big question whether this is a real effort or not. at this point we're not seeing a whole lot of support by republicans, only about ten really backing this plan. many of them perhaps wondering if the tour is headed in the right direction. >> this is an urgent time to stop what we think is a very destructive law. >> reporter: after a kickoff last night in arkansas, the town hall road show rolls on this morning. next stop? dallas. >> and there is no more important regulatory reform that we can do than to repeal every single word of obama care. >> reporter: senator cruz and the heritage foundation hoping to whip up enough support to gut president obama's affordable care act. >> the one unifying principle in the republican party at the moment is making sure that 30 million people don't have health care.
are still on. russia's minister said he's disappointed that president obama canceled that meeting and that the invitation is still open if he changes his mind and wants to go to moscow. >>> wednesday, president obama alluded to an even bigger international crisis while at camp pendleton. the commander in chief arrived to some 3,000 soldiers and sailors. he said sexual assault in the military must end. mr. obama talked about that recent terror threat in the middle east. >> we don't get terrorized. we're going to keep standing up for our interests. we're going to keep standing up for the security of our citizens. and like generations before us, the united states of america is going to remain the greatest force for freedom that the world has ever known. >>> after a two-day swing out west, the president is back in washington today. >>> and as you heard from the president at camp pendleton, he mentioned that terror plot has closed numerous u.s. embassies. this morning, authorities in yemen say they've successfully thwarted a plot aimed at embassies. the plan was to fire missiles inside
. up next is for president obama to sign it into law. >>> the atf officially has a new director. the senate confirmed byron todd jones in a hearing wednesday. jones is the agent's first permanent director in seven years. >>> syrian president bashar al assad has opened an instagram account and the u.s. state department is not happy about it. the photos show al assad working at his desk, meeting with women and children and looking like an all around good guy, so some say. a spokesperson for the state department called the account a despicable pr stunt. >>> o.j. simpson was granted parole. the charges from his 2008 kidnapping and armed robbery convictions but simpson says -- rather, but simpson will stay in prison for as long as four more years on other charges. a porole hearing on those will not come until next spring. >>> and rhode island and minnesota are the latest states to legalize same-sex marriage. at midnight, couples rushed government offices to obtain marriage licenses. >>> stocks close out july on a mixed note after the fed offered no clues on when it may start cutting
asylum as a slap in the face. the question is just how is the obama administration willing -- how far is it willing to go to hit back and embarrass president vladimir putin? now boycotting a major event like the g-20, which takes place in early september still seems unlikely to observers. however, obama and putin plan to have talks in moscow just before the g-20 meeting and the white house is already hinting it may cancel that meeting in protest. meanwhile, the american fugitive spent his first night in freedom as an official refugee in russia after almost six weeks being stranded in that moscow airport. his lawyer has said that he's staying in the home of an american ex-pat family here. that he's looking forward to learning russian and ghaith job to support himself. not, get this in information technology, but he's more interested in becoming a human rights activist. richard, back to you. >> jim maceda, thank you. >>> negotiations between alex rodriguez and major league baseball are reportedly stalled. the yankees slugger still wants to cash in on some of the remaining $100 million o
. >>> al qaeda threats reveal a plan to, quote, do something big. >>> is president obama ready to rid the nation of fannie and freddie? >>> oprah's striking 'do. and some surprising new stats on pot smokers and the biggest party schools in the country. "early today" starts right now. >> announcer: this is "early today" for tuesday, august 6th. >>> good morning. i'm richard lui. we're going to start with breaking news coming out of yemen nepu.s. state department urging u.s. citizens to leave yemen immediately due to, quote, the continued potential for terrorist attacks. it also ordered nonemergencies u.s. government staff to leave. the security threat there is considered very high. tensions already elevated with 19 u.s. embassies and consulates closed through saturday. sources telling nbc news intercepted electronic communications prompted those closures through the middle east and north africa. sources saying two of al qaeda's top leaders, quote, wanted to do something big this past sunday during ramadan. those leaders being al qaeda's chief ayman al zawahiri and his deputy in yemen.
. >>> president obama's birthday dinner ahead of a major press conferen which is sure to focus on vladimir putin. >>> plus, heavy rains caused deadly flash floods. gyrating bears in their natural habitat. >>> jennifer aniston's new flick off to a hot start. >>> kate upton's innermost thoughts. "early today" starts right now. >> announcer: this is "early today" for friday, august 9th. >> i think bill likes that video there. good morning. i'm betty ngyuen. >>> overnight a rapidly spreading wildfire in southern california grew larger, and this morning it is on the move. the silver fire is what it's called. it's in riverside county. it's moving east toward the resort town of palm springs. in just a past few hours, the fire has grown to 22 square miles and is burning an estimated 1,000 acres an hour. the latest update puts the blaze at just 20% contained. local officials have ordered nearly 2,000 people out of the area. 26 homes have already been destroyed. at least one man has suffered serious burns. and five firefighters have also been injured with heat exhaustion. they'll be off the job for at lea
communities in a number of states as red flag conditions persist. >>> president obama back to washington. the agend ahandling the crisis in egypt and if the u.s. will continue its financial military relationship. >>> premeditated murder. did the bladerunner plan to kill his girlfriend riva steencamp. >>> plus reggie wayne light ups the preseason. >>> are lilo's six trips to rehab enough for a turnaround. >>> and the most expensive car ever sold at auction. "early today" starts right now. >> announcer: this is "early today" for monday, august 19th. >>> good morning. i'm richard lui. today could be a difficult day for fire crews in the west. the beaver creek fire has scorched nearly 160 square miles. it's located about two hours east of boise. officials ordered the evacuation of some 2,300 homes but have some optimism at the moment as more crews arrive to fight the flames. >> it's emotional to see our landscape changing and to know that people that we love could possibly be in danger. >> we need an army out there and we've got it. hundreds of firefighters. i know they are doing all that th
weapons and it's something president obama warned against a year ago. >> we have communicated in no uncertain terms with every player in the region that that's a red line for us and there would be enormous consequences if we start seeing movement on the chemical weapons front or the use of chemical weapons. >> nbc's yousef gamal el-din is in cairo. good morning. >> reporter: betty, a tough few days ahead for syria and the international community as they try to grasp the extent of the tragedy that happened outside a damasc damascus. analysts believe it might have been a chemical weapons attack based on the symptoms exhibited by victims in the footage that has emerged. we cannot independently verify the footage we've seen so far. very troubling and distressing, or can we verify the death toll for that matter. the u.n. security council convened foreign emergency session in new york but again there was another political impasse and the ultimate outcome was watered down as a result of objections from russia and china. and that is going to drive significant frustration from countri
" speech. today, president obama plans to honor the man and his legacy. nbc's tracie potts is on the national mall. any early arrivers you've seen this yet. >> reporter: richard, good morning. on the national mall to show you where everything is happening today, president obama delivering a speech on the same steps of the lincoln memorial where dr. king delivered his "i have a dream" speech. thousands moving to the memorial for that and on the tom joyner radio program the president talked about what he is go to say "when it comes to the economy, when it comes to inequality, whether it comes to wealth when, it comes to, you know, the challenges that inner cities experience, he would say that we have not made as much progress as the civil and social progress that we've made and that it's not enough just to have a black president". >> reporter: and take a look at this. the bell from the 16th street baptist church in birmingham has been brought in to be part of the program. it's the bell that rung back in 1963, the morning that church was bombed and four little girls there were
.s. is readying for a possible solo action against syria, but president obama is facing some skepticism from congress. defense secretary chuck hagel spoke with senior congressional leaders thursday. the 90-minute call detailed the administration's evidence against assad's regime. lawmakers from both parties pressured the president for legal rationale. >> the president is going to have to make his case to the congress and to the american people. i think before he takes any action. >> but new york congressman eliot engel tells nbc news in part, quote, there's ample precedent for the president to initially take action without having a formal vote from congress. and a new nbc news poll shows 50% of americans oppose u.s. and military action in syria, and 8 in 10 believe president obama should get congressional approval before using any force. that information just in to us. we have reports now from the middle east and london for you. we're going to start with nbc's ayman moyheldin in beirut. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, richard. u.s. inspectors on the ground inside syria are wrapping
is that president obama need to be careful as he tries to trike a balance between restore the public's confidence and trust and protecting national security. even while vacationing on martha's vineyard president obama couldn't escape a moment of apparent frustration on the golf course. but in washington, more troubles await the commander in chief. lawmakers are criticizing the president's plan by nsa programs exposed by leaker edward snowden. >> he's failed to explain these programs which are lawful, which save lives. >> we need to do better in educating our public so they are are not fearful that we the government are violating their privacy. the worm director of the nsa added oversight to hurt a key part of the program moving quickly to protect national security. >> so you need to be careful about how many processes you put in there. the >> reporter: the leak seemed to push russian relations to a post cold war low. president obama has now canceled the meeting with russian president vladimir putin originally scheduled for next month. some lawmakers want a stronger gesture. >> mr. putin does not
brotherhood. the white house denied reports it has suspended aid to the area. while president obama met with his national security team tuesday, officials do not expect any immediate decision on the aid. >>> let's turn to business right now for you. courtney reagan joins us. good morning, courtney. >> good morning, richard. bank of america is closing drive-through teller lanes in several branches. customers will still be able to use drive-up atm machines. analysts say this is -- >>> the ps4 costs $399. it's $100 less than microsoft's new xbox 1. sony says it already has 1 million preorders worldwide. >>> twitter has more than 40 million registered users, just seven months after its launch. vine let's you loop together six-second video clips. richard, back to you. >> you can fit a lot in six seconds. thank you so much. >>> straight ahead, all your sports highlights. you're watching "early today." >>> all right. now let's get the latest in sports for you. remember that alex rodriguez pitch that hit the ribs? well boston red sox pitcher ryan dempster gets suspended for that for five games
a call from president obama to thank him. >> i got something back. the best president in the world. no, that's me. you can't get any better when you have a great leader in front of you. >> and two people were arrested after beating up and pistol whipping a dunkin donuts employee who got their order wrong. other employees were able to jump in and break up that fight. >>> we turn to cnbc's courtney reagan. >> good morning, paige. the s.e.c.'s chairman plans to meet with the heads of the new york stock exchange in the wake of the trading glitch that shut down trading at the nasdaq on thursday. nasdaq ceo tells the "wall street journal" markets need to be held to higher standards. this is just the latest glitch that's undermined investor confidence in the final markets. in football season hasn't started yet, unfortunately, but we're already thinking about the super bowl. fox says it sold 85% of the ads for the game. 30-second spots are going for more than $4 million. >>> and treasury secretary jack lew is urging congress to raise the debt ceiling. lawmakers can't afford to wait until the l
with thicke. at the end of the vmas, barack obama showed his support for katy perry's finale by trading tweets about obama care. thanks for spreading the word. #roar. >> lady gaga, katy perry. and miley cyrus steals all the headlines for what was just a spectacle. >> a spectacle of what she was wearing and doing twirking on robin thicke whose wife was sitting in the crowd. >> he's 36. she's 20. the whole thing was -- >> hannah montana fans going, i'm not so sure about that. >> hopefully weren't watching. >> this is "early today." we hope just your first stop of the day on nbc. >>> leading the headlines this morning, on nbc news, investigations, billions wasted on fruitless bid to create paperless vet health records. $1.3 billion has been spent unsuccessfully over the past four years to develop an electronic health records system. >>> in he "miami herald," drone could become mosquito weapon in florida keys. later today they'll test a new weapon against breeding areas for mosquitoes. >>> topping our news -- at least 46 people are dead after a series of deadly attacks in iraq. the targets ranged
at distribution centers thinking they may be syria's next target. >>> this morning, president obama is confirming the use of chemical weapons by the assad regime. >> we have concluded that the syrian government in fact, there is a prospect, a possibility in which chemical weapons that can have devastating effects could be directed at us. and we want to make sure that that does not happen. >> ayman moyheldin joins us from the region in beirut. good day to you. as we look at the refugee crisis, what's the status? >> well, it's certainly one that is getting worse by the day. and a lot of it is driven by the anxiety of people across the region. you start here in beirut, for example, and the past 36 hours, on wednesday and early on all day tuesday, the total number of refugees that have crossed in from syria into lebanon has reached 10,000 people. 10,000 syrians. on an average day throughout this conflict, they were seeing 500 to 1,000 a day. ever since there was a talk about the possibility of a u.s. military strike, the number has spiked. and they expect that number to stay at that level for the tim
. >>> welcome back. president obama will meet the press this afternoon in his first solo press conference since april. his cancellation of talks with russia's vladimir putin and recent terror threats both expected to be front and center. tracie potts joins us live in washington with a preview. >> reporter: good morning, everyone. it's not unusual to have this august press conference. congress is gone. his republican critics are gone. the president takes the spotlight and can make headlines here. there's a huge agenda for this. he has a lot to talk about internationally, our involvement in the unrest in syria and in egypt, but even more recently, this terror threat that has shut down 19 embassies and a separate one as you just noted that shut down the embassy in pakistan. what is going on abroad and what is the u.s. doing to fight terror? that is likely to be a big topic today, not to mention the cancellation of the russian summit with president putin and what that does for u.s. relations. what is going on with edward snowden? is he ever going to make it back here to face charges? the president
are confirmed dead in those clashes with security forces and president obama has issued a stern rebuke to egypt's leader. it's now 1:00 p.m. in the afternoon there, any kind indication of more violence today? >>> good morning, just a short while ago friday prayers wrapped up. members of the muslim brotherhood and others called for a day of rage and marches. there have been no reports of clashes or violence yet. we're expecting the day to be very long. the police have deployed the military and personnel carriers to protect government installations. the minister of interior said he also advised security to use live rounds to protect government building if is a very combustible atmosphere here. right now there are no efforts to try and diffuse the situation. a lot of rhetoric coming out from the government and supporters of the muslim brotherhood. >> firefighters continue battling raging firefighters in the west. near park city, utah, there have been mandatory evacuation orders. firefighters are getting the upper hand with the blaze being 50% contained. it's not just utah. firefighters in at least
to the growing political tension between the u.s. and russia. president obama has canceled a meeting with russian president putin, which had been scheduled for next month. relations between the two countries have been going south for a while now, over a number of disagreements. but russia's decision to grant asylum to edward snowden appears to be the final straw. >>> testimony resumes this morning after nearly a day-long recess in the military trial of the man who had carried out the deadly ft. hood shooting rampage. nidal hasan is representing himself. but they said hasan was not putting up a defense. the attorneys want the judge to change the rules they work under. >>> the cleveland house where three women were held captive for ten years has been destroyed. among those watching the demolition yesterday, was survivor michelle knight. she released yellow balloons to represent the millions of children who have gone missing or died in captivity. >> nobody was there for me when i was missing. and i want the people out there to know, including the mothers, that they can have strength. they can have h
are worried the terrorists will set their sights on a soft target, like a hotel. now, president obama is expected to address these threats at a white house press conference later today. his last day in washington before heading out to martha's vineyard for vacation. john? >> kristin fisher in washington, thanks very much. >>> stay with abc news for the latest on the terror threat. we'll carry the president's news conference live from the white house. >>> after his news conference, the president meets with secretary of state john kerry. kerry is getting together today with his russian counterpart. the meeting comes two days after president obama canceled a summit meeting with president vladimir putin. the case of leaker edward snowden is on the agenda. >>> another major story this morning. the threat of more flooding hanging over the center of the nation again today. >> right now, it's raining from texas to the northeast. and in missouri, rescue teams were out in full force, searching for friends and family members. here's abc's alex perez. >> reporter: it was a dramatic scene that had
the latest. >> reporter: back from camp david, president obama is getting the latest on the high alert. >> there's been an all of lot of chatter out there. chatter means conversation among terrorists about the planning that's going on. they're reminiscent of what we saw pre-9/11. >> reporter: according to two top u.s. officials, the terror plot could include one large attack or simultaneous attacks around the world, but the intelligence still isn't crystal clear. embassies and consulates from cairo to kabul are bracing themselves. although the streets of kabul were calm today, the embassy was still closed and will remain on high alert. national security officials told nbc news the threat is coming directly from al qaeda in the arabian peninsula based in yemen. a terror group that's gotten stronger in recent years. >> it's more dangerous because now we have 2.0 or 3.0, which is widely dispersed, a younger generation coming up with new ideas. >> reporter: meanwhile, the department of homeland security is asking for tighter screening of overseas flights. fresh debate about the nsa's surve
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